Check Vietnam Visa Requirements For German Citizens 2023

Vietnam visa for German citizens

People from Germany will have to go via Vietnam to see some of the world's most beautiful sights. Among the nations for which an eVisa application may be made in Germany.

The number of Germans visiting Vietnam has increased dramatically in recent years. It is a melting pot because of its location in Southeast Asia and the diverse people that live there. On the other hand, obtaining a German visa to visit Vietnam may be challenging. As a consequence, applying for a visa is an option worth considering.

To prevent delays, you should apply for an eVisa at least 3 working days before your arrival.

The passport or other travel documentation of a person should be valid for three months after the visa is issued. This is to ensure that they are allowed to enter Vietnam and stay as long as they need to finish their trip.

German nationals must get a visa to enter Vietnam.

In addition to your Vietnam visa application, you will need to provide the following documents to enter Vietnam:

If you wish to visit Vietnam, you will have to pay the cost of getting a visa. Making a payment on the Internet should be an easy procedure. To finish your purchase, you have the choice of using a credit card or a debit card. Various payments will be needed to be made during the visa application procedure.

You must have a valid passport to apply for a visa. Before applying for a visa to visit Vietnam, check the expiry date of your passport on the website It's likely that sending an image of oneself might be a smart way to expedite the passport application process.

Here is where you may get your email address in the following format: When applying for a visa, you will be asked to present proof that your email address is current and legitimate. You will need access to a functional email account in order to complete the procedures of applying for a visa more efficiently. The body that awards visas will email the address that you provided in your application for that reason in order to give you a printed visa.

How to get a Vietnamese visa if you're a German citizen.

Traveling from Germany to Vietnam requires a visa, which must be secured in Germany. You will then be able to apply for the appropriate visa.

Mobile devices include things like smartphones, tablet computers, and even desktop computers with mobile capabilities.

It's essential to have a stable internet connection.

Before entering Germany, visitors must provide a valid German national identification card.

Fees for Visa processing may be paid using a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or any combination of these.

To get a visa letter from Vietnam, you must have an active email account.

The German visa is only valid for travel inside Vietnam.

German residents with a valid visa may apply for an "ordinary" visa from the Vietnamese government. The amount of money required to pay for any visa is the same. There are a few significant exceptions to the rule that visas acquired on the Internet will not be accepted. The most significant outliers are as follows:

With all of this traveling and experiencing new things, it seems like I have plenty of opportunities to have a good time.

Pay your mother and father, as well as your other siblings, a visit.

Relocating events that are normally held somewhere else, such as trade shows and conferences, from their traditional locations.

A wide range of alternative treatments and procedures are utilized in therapy, in addition to the huge variety of accessible medications.

Participation in extracurricular activities, usually of a cultural or sporting nature, on a completely voluntary basis and outside of the classroom environment.

Vietnam visa requirements for German citizens

If German nationals want to stay in Vietnam for longer than one month, they must get a visa from the Vietnamese government. For the duration of your visa, you are only permitted one entry into the country. As a result, this visa is only valid for one visit to the nation.

Vietnam's visas are valid for a total of six months from the date of issue until the date of expiry in Germany.

Free visas are provided to German nationals for stays limited to 15 days. You can apply for a Vietnam e-visa if you wish to extend your stay in the country beyond 15 days for travel or business purposes.

Because visas may now be electronically verified, travelers do not have to wait until the start of the validity period for their visas to begin their trips; instead, they can leave whenever it is convenient for them.

As a German visitor, I overstayed an eVisa in Vietnam.

Even if you have a formal visa from Vietnam, staying in the country for any length of time is illegal, and you might face serious consequences.

If the offender is found to be accountable for the offense, they may be subjected to further sanctions. Because of the financial punishment imposed on the offender, it is probable that he or she will have a restricted ability to submit visa applications on an online visa in the future.

What is the cost of a visa to Vietnam from Germany?

You must pay the Vietnam Service Fee and Stamp Fee before applying for a visa. Both of these items are nonrefundable.

You won't have enough processing time if you don't. The three cost categories for Vietnam visas are shown in the table above.

  • Normal: In most cases, your visa application will be approved or refused within three business days.
  • Urgent: Your urgent request will be fulfilled as soon as possible. In two working days, you will have your eVisa.
  • Extremely Urgent: You may anticipate a visa decision in one business day if you choose this service. This service responds to inquiries quickly.

It usually takes 1-3 days. Processing is low-cost. Traditional visa applications are still widely used. Pay extra if you want your documents processed quickly.

Wire transfers and e-payments are two examples. The best choice is HSBC. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal as forms of payment.

Your rights in Vietnam are protected by our health insurance.

Single-entry visas are available for 30 days in Vietnam. Tourists staying for more than 30 days must contact the State Migration Service.

German citizens who intend to register with the Vietnamese State Migration Service are encouraged to do so.

According to information supplied by the Vietnamese embassy in Germany, German residents who wish to remain in Vietnam for more than 15 days must register with the local authorities. This requirement is in place to guarantee that international visitors do not create any difficulties while they are in the country. This is a must for all visitors, regardless of the length of their stay.

This procedure may be completed in person or remotely, and both are valid and required options. Regardless of which option is chosen, the tourist must finish the process within 15 days after arriving in the country. This process may be completed either in person or online.