Vietnam Visa Requirements For Poland: New Updates

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Traveling to Vietnam has become more convenient, all thanks to their innovative visa policies. Polish travelers can now make use of the Vietnam electronic visa, which offers a fully online application process, removing the need to visit an embassy. In this article, we will furnish you with vital details regarding the Vietnam eVisa for Polish nationals, covering visa requirements, the application process, and the associated fees.

Vietnam visa for Poland citizens

Vietnam visa for Poland citizens

Is Vietnam Visa Required For Visitors From Poland?

Sure, Poland is not among the countries exempt from Vietnam's visa requirements, so a Vietnam visa is REQUIRED.

What are the visa options for Poland travelers heading to Vietnam? You have two options for obtaining a visa to Vietnam from Poland:

  • Apply for a traditional visa at the nearest Vietnam Embassy in Poland.
  • Alternatively, you can easily apply for a 90-day Vietnam eVisa through Vietnam Immigration Services.

Vietnam eVisa Requirements For Poland Citizens

For their applications to be considered, citizens of Poland must comply with one of Vietnam's visa requirements:

A passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the arrival date in Vietnam and contains at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer.

  • A scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page
  • A personal color photo of the applicant
  • A valid email address
  • A credit or debit card to make a visa payment

How To Apply For A Vietnamese Visa Online?

Visas are required for travelers from Poland who want to visit Vietnam. After completing those steps, you will be qualified to apply for the necessary visa.

  • Step 1: Complete the visa application form, providing some necessary information
  • Step 2: Pay the visa fee and review all the information
  • Step 3: Click the “Submit” button.

You should bring at least one copy of your eVisa during your journey to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements for Poland citizens

Vietnam visa requirements for Poland citizens

How Long Can I Stay In Vietnam Using eVisa?

  • A Vietnam eVisa is an authorized travel permit provided by the Vietnamese authorities, permitting travelers to visit and enter Vietnam.
  • Once granted, the Vietnam eVisa remains valid for a maximum period of 90 days.
  • You can opt for either a single or multiple-entry eVisa, but it's essential to strictly follow the entry and exit dates indicated on the visa.

For instance, if your visa is valid from January 1, 2024, to March 30, 2024, you can enter Vietnam on any day between these two dates and must leave by March 30, 2024, unless an extension is granted.

Vietnam visa applications for Poland citizens

Vietnam visa applications for Poland citizens

What Is The Vietnam eVisa Fee From Poland?

Visa service fees and Visa government fees are 02 types of visa fees Polish applicants should pay.

The service fee depends on the type of visa service you choose, consider 03 options below:

  • Normal: You will receive your visa within 03 business days, as that is the normal period required to process a visa application.
  • Urgent: We will get you a prompt response to your urgent question as soon as we can. Within 02 business days of processing your application, your visa will be delivered to you.
  • Highly Urgent: If you choose this option and your request is determined to be of an extremely urgent nature, you can expect a response on your visa one business day. Any queries posed are quickly answered by this service.

Your ongoing legal protection will be guaranteed by our comprehensive medical insurance in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa cost for Poland citizens

Vietnam visa cost for Poland citizens

Vietnam Embassy In Poland

It is legally necessary that you register your stay with the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland.

if you are a citizen of Poland and want to stay in Vietnam for a period of time longer than 30 days. The adoption of this law was done with the purpose of preventing foreign tourists from causing any disturbances while they are on vacation in the country that is hosting them.