Vietnam Visa For Afghans: Check Requirements 2023

Vietnam offers a perfect setting for an enriching cultural and gastronomic adventure. To promote tourism, the Vietnamese government has introduced progressive policies, notably those concerning visas. The exciting update is that the Vietnam eVisa, an electronic visa, now grants a longer stay of 90 days, making it an excellent choice for a delightful journey.

This article will delve into the details of the Vietnam eVisa for Afghan nationals, covering the visa prerequisites, application process, and associated fees. This information is invaluable for both your visa application and your upcoming trip, so be sure not to overlook it.

Vietnam Visa For Afghans: Check Requirements

Vietnam Visa For Afghans: Check Requirements

Are Vietnam visas required for Afghans?

Yes, they are. Afghanistan is not among the countries exempt from Vietnam visa requirements, so Afghan citizens MUST OBTAIN a Vietnam visa.

There are two options for Afghan citizens to acquire a Vietnam visa from Afghanistan:

  • Visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in Afghanistan to obtain a traditional visa.
  • Apply online for a Vietnam eVisa, which is recommended and allows for a 90-day stay in Vietnam.

What is a Vietnam eVisa?

A Vietnam eVisa is an official travel authorization granted by Vietnamese authorities, enabling individuals to travel to and enter Vietnam.

The Vietnam eVisa is valid for up to 90 days and can be used for single or multiple entries. Once approved, the eVisa is sent to you via email and electronically linked to your national passport, making it valid.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens

While the Vietnam eVisa is a convenient option, applicants need to meet specific requirements. Here's what you should prepare:

  • A full-color scan of your Afghan passport, which should be valid for at least six months from your intended date of arrival in Vietnam.
  • A personal photograph of the applicant showcasing the full face and wearing formal attire.
  • Payment methods: You can use a credit/debit card to pay the visa fees.
  • A valid email address is required to receive notifications related to your visa application.

Afghan citizens need to have a Vietnam visa

Afghan citizens need to have a Vietnam visa

How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa Online from Afghanistan?

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, it is recommended to apply for a Vietnam visa at least one week before your planned departure date. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the Vietnam visa application form, providing your details such as your chosen entry checkpoint, travel dates, full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, nationality, and date of arrival/departure.

Step 2: Make a payment for the visa services. Then you will receive an email informing you to submit some necessary documents. Please send us those documents to complete the application procedure.

Step 3: Congratulations! You’ve completed the visa application successfully. Please wait a few days for processing, and you will receive a valid Vietnam e-Visa via your email address. Print it out and carry it with you when you travel to Vietnam.

Cost-Effective Prices for a Vietnam Visa Application

Generally, there are two types of fees that Afghan citizens need to pay for a Vietnam visa: the government fee and the service fee. Both of these fees are mandatory during the application process.

The Vietnam Immigration Department charges the Government fee to issue you a visa. This fee is non-refundable regardless of the result of your application. Therefore, you should check all the information before submitting your application.

The service fee depends on the type of processing time you select. Consider the following three options:

  • Normal: Suitable for travelers who wish to obtain an e-Visa within 3 business days.
  • Urgent: Designed for travelers who need an e-Visa within 2 business days.
  • Super Urgent: Ideal for travelers seeking an e-Visa within 1 business day.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and PayPal. We strongly recommend that you research further details about payment guidelines to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Vietnam Visa Application Cost for Afghans

Vietnam Visa Application Cost for Afghans

Tips for Afghans to Ensure a Smooth Visa Application Process

It's important to note that the Vietnam eVisa is intended for tourism and business travel purposes. Other types of visas are required for activities such as work, study, or non-tourism engagements.

Afghan travelers must adhere to the entry and exit dates specified on their visas. Entry into Vietnam is only allowed within the dates granted on the visa, and departure must occur by the exit date unless the visa has been extended. Overstaying can result in significant fines.

When applying for a visa through Vietnam Immigration Services, you can conveniently check the status of your visa on our website.

While travel insurance is not mandatory for obtaining a visa, it is a vital component of your overseas journey. Travel insurance provides coverage for important aspects such as Medical Payments, Trip Delay, Trip Interruption, Lost Baggage, and protection against unforeseen events, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carefully plan your trip and apply for your visa accordingly. Any changes made after the government payment has been processed will incur additional charges as a new visa application.

The Vietnam eVisa is accepted at seaports, land ports, and international airports. To expedite your airport experience, consider the Airport Fast Track Service, which can help you avoid lengthy wait times at the airport.

In conclusion, we wish you a successful visa application process. May your travel diary be filled with amazing experiences in Vietnam. A visa for Vietnam from Afghanistan is your gateway to such experiences. If you encounter any questions or difficulties during the visa application process, please don't hesitate to contact us; we're here to assist you.