Vietnam Visa Requirements For Andorra: Updates 2024

If Andorrans wants to go to Vietnam, they can now apply for an electronic visa. With the eVisa, the Vietnamese government intends to make it easier for people to move across the country. As a part of our continued efforts to fortify the already close relations between the two countries, Vietnam Immigration Services is pleased to be able to offer you the Vietnam visa consulting service.

Before departing on your holiday, you should decide what kind of visa you need to apply for. This is a result of the several available visa types, based on the traveler's nationality and objectives. Fortunately, Andorran nationals can now travel to Vietnam using an eVisa. Continue reading this article for the latest details on the Vietnam eVisa requirements, fees, and processing time.

Vietnam visa for Andorra citizens

Vietnam visa for Andorra citizens

Why Are Visas Required For Andorra Residents Entering Vietnam?

If Andorran travelers intend to go from Andorra to Vietnam, they must apply for a visa in advance. This is because Andorra is not a nation that is exempt from Vietnam visa requirements. Residents of eligible countries—including Andorrans—can apply for visas online. By using this online method, applicants from Andorra will save a lot of time and money.

How to apply for Vietnam visa for Andorrans

How to apply for a Vietnam visa for Andorrans

What is the maximum period of stay in Vietnam for Andorran residents?

The Vietnam eVisa that Andorran travelers can get is only valid for travel and business-related purposes. With this sort of visa, tourists from Andorra may enter Vietnam with single or multiple entries and remain in the country for 90 days. The intended arrival date specified in the application form serves as the beginning point for the validity period of the Vietnam e-visa.

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Andorra's Passport Holders

Andorran nationals can apply for an e-Visa to enter Vietnam as long as they adapt to Vietnam visa requirements for Andorran citizens. They can use the Internet to submit their visa application.

The following documents are required if Andorran citizens want to apply for an e-visa to enter Vietnam:

  • A passport issued by the government of Andorra that is valid for at least six months from the intended date of arrival in Vietnam.
  • The passport should have at least two blank pages so that verification stamps may be placed on them.
  • A scanned copy of the passport's biographical page (full information, not missing any details and lines)
  • For each person, one personal photograph (in color and any format) is required. This photo should contain the full face of the applicant wearing formal clothes.

Vietnam visa requirements for Andorran citizens

Vietnam visa requirements for Andorran citizens

Vietnam Visa Processing For Andorran Citizens 

You need fifteen minutes to complete the Vietnam online application form to request an e-Visa. The procedure is divided into four simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Complete the application form by entering all relevant personal data, such as your full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and dates of arrival and departure.
  • Step 2: Before proceeding to the stage where you make the payment, you should double-check all the data provided in the prior phase. If there are any errors or informational gaps, your visa application may be delayed. After that, for your application to be completed, you will need to pay the eVisa fee.
  • Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email stating that your visa application has been received. Your e-Visa application will be processed and approved online, after which it will be mailed to you.
  • Step 4: To be ready for your trip to Vietnam, you should download and print a copy of your Vietnam eVisa after you've got it in your email. Upon arrival, have your visa stamped by the Immigration Officer at a border checkpoint.

The Cost Of Applying For A Visa To Vietnam In Andorra

To obtain a Vietnam e-visa, two visa payments must be paid: the government charge and the service visa fee.

All Andorran applicants are required to pay the government charge since Andorra is not on the list of countries exempt from the Vietnam e-visa requirement.

Depending on the processing time you select for your e-visa application, you will be asked to pay a different service charge. Currently, Vietnam Immigration Services provides Andorran travelers with 03 options for the processing time of the visa application.

  • Normal: You can receive your visa within 3 working days. It's conceivable that your visa may be granted earlier than you anticipate. Please cross your fingers!
  • Urgent: If you choose the urgent delivery option for your service, your electronic visa is expected to arrive in 02 working days.
  • Super urgent: There is a chance you might get a visa in as little as a few hours! The choice that now gives you the most sense of comfort is this one. In as little as one day, you might get your Vietnam eVisa.

Paying for an e-visa can be done in several different ways, including using a debit or credit card, American Express, PayPal, or another payment method.

To ensure a secure and wonderful vacation to Vietnam, it is strongly advised that visitors from Andorra get Vietnam travel insurance. If you just want to stay in Vietnam for a few days, your best chance is to protect yourself while there.

Vietnam visa fee for Andorran citizens

Vietnam visa fee for Andorran citizens

Vietnam Embassy In Andorra:

If you intend to travel to Vietnam for a reason other than vacation or business, you must apply for a regular visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in Andorra.

Previously, only Vietnamese nationals and permanent residents were permitted entry to the Vietnam Embassy in Andorra. On their way to or from Vietnam, travelers from Andorra frequently make a stop at the Vietnamese Embassy in Andorra.