Vietnam E-Visa For Azerbaijani Citizens: Check Requirements

An electronic visa application is now available for Azerbaijani nationals who are interested in traveling to Vietnam. The Vietnamese government wants to make it simpler for citizens to travel around the nation with the eVisa. Vietnam Immigration Services is happy to be able to provide Azerbaijan citizens with this service as part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen the existing solid ties between the two nations.

Lovely there are many different ethnic groups and cultural traditions in Vietnam. It is also a well-liked tourism destination for people traveling from all over the world. You should apply for a visa if you want to visit Vietnam for a short time.

The type of visa you can apply for should be determined before leaving on your vacation. This is because there are various sorts of visas that may be obtained, and each one is determined by the nationality of the traveler as well as their goals for their trip. Thankfully, citizens of Azerbaijan may now visit Vietnam using an eVisa. For further information on the criteria, costs, and processing times for the Vietnam eVisa, keep reading this article.

Vietnam visa for Azerbaijani citizens

Vietnam visa for Azerbaijani citizens

Do Azerbaijani Citizens Need A Visa To Enter Vietnam?

Azerbaijani citizens must apply for a visa well in advance if they plan to travel to Vietnam since their country is not excluded from the rule.

Electronic visas have been introduced by the Vietnamese government to speed up the visa application procedure. Residents of eligible nations, including those in Azerbaijan, may now apply for visas online. This online process will save Azerbaijani travelers a ton of time and money to obtain a visa for Vietnam.

Apply for a Vietnam eVisa for Azerbaijani citizens

Apply for a Vietnam eVisa for Azerbaijani citizens

How Long Can Azerbaijani Citizens Stay In Vietnam With E-Visa?

Tourists from Azerbaijan can enter Vietnam once and stay for 30 days with this type of visa. The visa is valid for tourism and some business activities. The validity term of the Vietnam e-visa begins on the date that is shown in the visa application form.

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Azerbaijani Passport Holders 

As long as they have a valid passport, Azerbaijani citizens can apply online for a visa to enter Vietnam. Besides, Azerbaijani citizens are required to have the following documents:

  • A passport with six months validity remaining from the scheduled date of entry into Vietnam.
  • At least two blank pages should be present in the passport so that verification stamps may be applied.
  • A scan of the biographical page of the passport (with full information, not missing any details and lines).
  • One color photograph (in any format) is required for each individual. This photo should contain the full face of the applicant wearing formal clothes.
  • An email address to receive the eVisa

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Azerbaijani citizens

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Azerbaijani Citizens

Vietnam Visa Procedure For Azerbaijani Citizens

To apply for an e-Visa for Vietnam, all you need is to finish the online application form, which can be found here. The process is broken down into the following four easy steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form by providing all necessary personal information, including your full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and arrival and departure dates.
  • Step 2: You should review all the information that was supplied in the first step before moving on to the stage where you make the payment. Your visa application can be delayed if there are any mistakes or informational gaps. After that, you will need to pay the eVisa charge to finish your application.
  • Step 3: You will get a confirmation email to notify you that your visa application has been received. Your e-Visa will be mailed to you after it has been reviewed and approved electronically.
  • Step 4: After receiving your Vietnam eVisa in your email, you should download and print a copy of it so that you are prepared for your trip to Vietnam. Once you enter the country, have your visa stamped in your passport by the Immigration Officer at a border checkpoint.

You will be sent an email including all of the necessary information after it has been determined that your application for a visa has been granted.

The Cost of Applying For A Visa To Vietnam In Azerbaijan

The government charge and the Vietnam visa service fee are the two different forms of visa fees that must be made to receive a Vietnam e-visa.

Because Azerbaijan is not included on the list of countries that are exempt from the necessity to get a Vietnam visa, all Azerbaijani applicants are required to pay a government fee.

You will have to pay a service fee based on the processing time you choose for your e-visa application. If you compare pricing, you may select the most luxurious option while still keeping it inside your budget.

  • Normal: If you need a decision on your visa within 03 working days, select normal processing. There is a possibility that your visa will be approved earlier than you currently anticipate.
  • Urgent: Your electronic visa should arrive in Vietnam in 02 working days if you select the urgent delivery option for your visa.
  • Super urgent: There's a chance you may receive a visa in only a few hours. This is the option that now makes you feel the most secure. Your Vietnam eVisa may be issued to you in as little as 1 day.

It is possible to pay for an e-visa using a variety of various payment methods, such as a debit or credit card, American Express, PayPal, or one of the many other options available.

Visitors from Azerbaijan are highly recommended to get Vietnam travel insurance to have a safe and delightful trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa fee for Azerbaijani citizens

Vietnam visa fee for Azerbaijani citizens

Vietnam Embassy In Azerbaijan

You must apply for a standard visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in Azerbaijan if you want to visit Vietnam for a purpose other than leisure or business.

In the past, the Vietnam Embassy in Azerbaijan was solely open to Vietnamese citizens and permanent residents. Travelers from Azerbaijan regularly stop at the Vietnamese Embassy in Azerbaijan on their way to or from Vietnam.