Vietnam Visa for Colombia citizens

Vietnam is usually mentioned as one of the world's most sought-after travel destinations. Vietnam is the destination of choice for many visitors from Colombia and other countries each year. Many travelers who have been to Vietnam before or who are currently there are aware that there are a ton of enjoyable activities available.

If you are a citizen of Colombia and hold a passport from that country, traveling to Vietnam is simple and quick. Visitors will find it simpler to visit Vietnam because of a new policy that allows them to apply for visas online.

Residents of Colombia who wish to visit Vietnam have the option of using Azerbaijan electronic visas. You may learn more about the requirements, the length of the application procedure, and the cost of the Vietnam eVisa for Colombian nationals by reading the article below. Keep reading!

vietnam visa for colombian citizens Vietnam visa for colombian citizens

How to get a tourist visa for Vietnamese citizens from Colombia?

Colombians often visit Vietnam to enjoy the various landscapes, engrossing history, and kind locals. It's probable that many people who read this post are either vacationing in Vietnam right now or have just returned from there.

Visitors from Colombia must obtain a valid visa to enter Vietnam because their nation is not included in the list of Vietnam visa-exemption nations. Obtaining a visa for Vietnam won't be a problem if you have a Colombian passport. Colombian people who want to go to Vietnam may now easily complete the Vietnam eVisa application procedure. We basically provide this service to you so that you can obtain an e-Visa easily.

How long may Colombian citizens stay in Vietnam with an electronic visa?

You may apply for a visa online if you're a resident of Colombia. Colombian nationals are allowed one entrance and a 30-day stay in Vietnam with this type of visa. For business or tourism-related purposes, the Vietnam evisa is issued. The date specified on the approved e-Visa document marks the start of the Vietnam e-validity Visa's term. After this period, you cannot enter Vietnam again unless you have obtained a fresh visa and travel authorization.

Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Colombia citizens Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Colombia citizens

Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Colombian citizens:

Vietnam welcomes visitors from all around the world. Visas are required for Colombian nationals to enter Vietnam. Thankfully, Colombians may now submit an e-visa application on Vietnam Immigration & e-Visa Portal website.

In order to apply for a Vietnam eVisa, you must have the following papers on hand:

  • A Colombian passport. There are at least six months left on a Colombian passport after the scheduled arrival date in Vietnam.
  • here must be at least two vacant pages in the passport that may be used to place verification stamps.
  • A scan of the passport biographical page.
  • Per individual, just one passport photo of any size is required.
  • An email address to receive all the notifications of visa applications.

Vietnam visa applications for Colombian citizens Vietnam visa applications for Colombian citizens


How is the Vietnam visa application process for Colombian citizens?

The application process for a visa to enter Vietnam is straightforward. You may finish the online application process in 15 minutes. Once we have evaluated your application and found that you qualify for a visa, we will email you to let you know. We will provide the necessary visa information in this email.

Follow 04 steps as below to apply for a Vietnam electronic visa:

  • Step 1: Provide your full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and arrival and departure dates on the safe online application for a Vietnam visa.
  • Step 2: Verify that your data is accurate and complete by checking it again. After that, use one of the electronic transfers to pay the online visa fee (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal).
  • Step 3: Obtain an email confirming all the information of your visa application. Prior to mailing you the e-Visa, it will be processed and authorized online.
  • Step 4: Download and print out your Vietnam eVisa when you receive it through email. When you arrive, the Immigration Officer at a border checkpoint will ask you to present a valid visa along with your passport.

Vietnam visa fees for Colombian citizens Vietnam visa fees for Colombian citizens

Vietnam visas fees for Colombian citizens:

The Visa Service Fee and the Visa Government Fee are the two types of visa fee that must be paid in order to get a Vietnam visa. The Government charge needed to apply for a visa, which must be paid to the government.

Vietnam is one of the few nations that allows visitors to pay a fair amount for a visa. You'll have the chance to choose the most cost-effective option while remaining within your budget when you compare prices. You can choose from the following 03 different types of visa services that are offered by the Vietnam Immigration & e Visa Portal:

  • Normal service: This is a great option to think about if you just have a small cash cushion to work with. Within 03 business days, you will receive your e-Visa.
  • Urgent service: If you opt to process your Vietnam eVisa in this manner, it will be delivered to you in just 02 working days.
  • Super Urgent service: The option that presently offers the fastest response time is the Super Urgent service. Your e-visa for Vietnam ought to arrive in a maximum of less than 24 hours.

You should also consider getting international travel insurance for Vietnam. This travel insurance not only helps your visa be granted by the Government easier but also covers your benefit while you are traveling abroad.

The Embassy of Vietnam in Colombia:

The government of the Principality of Colombia will have access to the personal information you supply if you register with the Vietnam Embassy in Colombia . Both international visitors and Colombians who are temporarily visiting Vietnam are cordially welcomed by the Vietnamese Embassy in Colombia.