Vietnam visa for Croatian citizens

Electronic visas are now available to Croatian nationals for travel to Vietnam. The Vietnamese Government intends to facilitate travel by making Vietnam visas available to Croatian visitors. As part of our continued efforts to strengthen the existing strong ties between our two countries, the Vietnam Immigration & e-Visa Portal provides you with assistance on visas and other related services.

Beautiful Vietnam is home to several unique ethnic groups, each with its own set of cultural traditions. Additionally, it is a popular holiday destination for travelers from all over the world. You must submit a visa application if you want to visit Vietnam in the upcoming months.

Knowing what kind of visa you may apply for is crucial before leaving on vacation. Croatian nationals who want to visit Vietnam must have a valid visa. Croatian nationals may now travel to Vietnam easily with the help of an e-Visa.

Vietnam visa for Croatian citizens Vietnam visa for Croatian citizens

Why do Croatian residents need visas to enter Vietnam?

Croatian nationals who wish to go to Vietnam must apply for a visa well in advance of their intended trip. Due to the electronic visa, Croatian nationals do not need to obtain a visa at the Embassy or Consulate. With an eVisa, they are able to go to Vietnam for a short while.

Then, regardless of whether they are going to Vietnam for business or pleasure, tourists from Croatia will be able to utilize an e-Visa to make travel reservations there in less than a month.

What is the maximum term of stay for Croatian citizens in Vietnam?

An e-Visa is required if you are a citizen of Croatia and intend to visit Vietnam for up to 30 days. The e-Visa document has a one-month validity period beginning on the day specified on the approved document, after which it cannot be utilized. You are only allowed to enter Vietnam during the period that is shown on your e-Visa.

Due to the Vietnam e-single visa's entrance restriction, if you left Vietnam with the intention of returning at a later time, you will need to submit an online application for a new entry visa.

visa requirements for Croatian citizens Visa requirements for Croatian citizens

Vietnam visa requirements for Croatian passport:

Online visa applications for Vietnam are available to Croatian nationals with valid passports well in advance of their planned trip. You must have the following paperwork prepared before you apply for an e-Visa to Vietnam:

  • Passports from Croatia must still have at least six months' worth of validity remaining on the day when the traveler plans to enter Vietnam.
  • Passports are required to have at least one blank page that may be stamped for verification purposes.
  • A photocopy of the passport's biographical information page
  • For each person, a single photo (of any size) must be submitted.

Vietnam visa application for Croatian citizens Vietnam visa application for Croatian citizens

What is the Vietnam visa application process for Croatian citizens who want to visit Vietnam?

The procedure for submitting an application for a visa to enter Vietnam is not complicated. Within fifteen minutes, the online application can be done. Observe these basic guidelines:

  • Step 1: Fill out the secure online application. Information on the number of applicants, the kind of visa, the intended use of the trip, the port of entry, and the processing duration must be submitted during this step. Your entire name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and arrival and departure dates are the next important pieces of personal information to include.
  • Step 2: Double-check your data to ensure it is correct and comprehensive. Your visa application may be delayed if it contains mistakes or misleading information. The e-visa cost may be paid with an online money transfer (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal).
  • Step 3: Obtain an email confirming the submission of your visa application. Before being provided to your email address, the e-Visa will go through an online review and authorization process.
  • Step 4: You must download and print a copy of your Vietnam eVisa when you get it through email. When you arrive, you may need to present your valid visa along with your passport to the Immigration Officer at a border checkpoint.

Vietnam visa fees for Croatian citizens Vietnam visa fees for Croatian citizens

The cost of requesting a Vietnam visa from Croatia

To submit an application for an e-Visa, you must pay two different kinds of visa fees for Vietnam . Both government levies and service fees are used to make these payments.

Croatians must pay the Government charge since they are not exempt from Vietnam's visa requirements. In order for your e-visa to be accepted, you must pay the Vietnamese Government fee.

Depending on the processing time you choose for your visa application, a service fee is added. The Vietnam Immigration e-Visa Portal provides customers with access to 03 different categories of visa services. The following are some of these services:

  • Normal: After making your pick, you will receive a response to your inquiry in 03 business days if you choose this option for a standard assessment of your visa application.
  • Urgent: The time required to submit a visa application must be kept as short as is practicable. Within 02 business days, your visa will be emailed to you.
  • Super urgent: If you utilize this service, the process of obtaining your visa won't take more than a day.

Some consumers might only want this service for a small period of time, while others could have to wait a few days.

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are all acceptable methods of payment for online transactions. The Vietnamese Government also recommends applicants purchasing Vietnam travel insurance in order to finish processing your visa application. Not to mention that it might make your trip to Vietnam safer and more pleasurable. It is advised to take precautions to keep yourself safe for a short amount of time if you are only planning a brief visit to Vietnam.

The Embassy of Vietnam in Croatia:

Croatian nationals seeking to go to Vietnam for purposes other than business or tourism must get a regular visa from the Vietnam Embassy in Croatia