Check Vietnam E-Visa Requirements For Greek Citizens

Getting a Vietnam visa is easy and uncomplicated for nationals of Greece who wish to visit Vietnam. Now it is possible to enter Vietnam with an electronic visa.

Greek citizens who want to go to Vietnam can obtain a Vietnam visa with a quicker visa application process. The standard visa application procedures will not be necessary for Greece citizens to get this special visa.

vietnam visa for Greek citizens Vietnam visa for Greek citizens

Why do Greek nationals need a visa for Vietnam?

Endowed with wonderful beaches and breathtaking scenery, Vietnam is one of the world's most well-liked holiday destinations. This country of Southeast Asia is renowned for having a long history, a dynamic current, and lasting cultures. It is a country that has experienced rapid growth and offers tourists a wide range of alternatives. Travelers from all over the world commonly visit Vietnam as a consequence.

Vietnam is getting closer to outpacing other nations in the tourism segment as more international visitors are arriving recently.

But if you're a Greek citizen, you need a valid visa to visit the country and remain there for a short stay. Greece's citizens can now apply for a Vietnam visa online to avoid going to an Embassy or consulate.

How long can Greek citizens stay in Vietnam?

This single-entry electronic visa is valid for 30 days in Vietnam. Your Vietnam electronic visa’s validity will be valid from the day indicated on the official papers. Entry into Vietnam is authorized at any time during the validity period for travelers with valid passports. If you want to return Vietnam after this validity period, you must obtain a new visa.

vietnam visa entry requirements for Greek citizens Vietnam visa entry requirements for Greek citizens

Vietnam visa entry requirements for Greece citizens

Vietnam warmly welcomes visitors from a variety of countries, including those from Greece. A copy of your authenticated passport must be sent when applying for a Vietnamese eVisa.

To enter Vietnam with an electronic visa, you must meet all of the conditions outlined below:

  • A passport is issued by the Greece Government, with a minimum of two blank pages and a minimum of six months remaining after the traveler's arrival in Vietnam.
  • A scan of the biographical information page from the passport
  • A photograph of the individual in whatever size should be used.

Once you've prepared all the necessary documentation, you may start the application process for a Vietnamese eVisa.

Apply vietnam e visa for Greek citizens Apply vietnam e visa for Greek citizens

How does Greek apply for an e-Visa to Vietnam?

If you need your visa right now, think about getting it through expedited processing. You might do the task quickly if you utilize our service at Vietnam Immigration & e-Visa Portal rather than another approach. The fifteen-minute internet application procedure is time-saving. After your application has been reviewed and approved, you will get an email with all the relevant visa information.

To apply for an e-Visa to enter Vietnam, you must complete no more challenging than the four stages listed below:

  • Step 1: Finish the secure online form. For your e-Visa to be processed, fill out this online form on the Apply for Vietnam e-Visa page. Each application requires you to include personal information. Your entire name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and arrival and departure dates are all included in this.
  • Step 2: Verify your data a second time to make sure it is correct. Pay the e-visa fee with an electronic money transfer (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal).
  • Step 3: After completing your visa application form, you will receive an email confirming it. The electronic visa will first be processed and approved in an online system before being sent to you via mail.

  • Step 4: Once you've arrived in Vietnam, have your visa stamped in your passport at the arrival port. Please remember to print and keep the Vietnam e-Visa that we emailed to you.

vietnam visa cost for Greek citizens vietnam visa cost for Greek citizens

How much is a Vietnam visa for Greek citizens?

The cost of a Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Greece includes 02 distinct pricing structures: the Government Fee and the Vietnam Visa Service Fee.

The "Government Fee" is the quantity of money that you must pay to the Vietnamese Government in order for them to issue you an electronic visa.

The cost of the service depends on the visa service you select. The Vietnam Immigration & e-Visa Portal offers customers the following 03 options:

  • Normal service: If you want a decision on your visa within 03 working days, you should choose this option.
  • Urgent service: Please handle visa applications as rapidly as you can. This is an urgent service. The e-visa will be sent in 02 business days.
  • Super Urgent Service: You might receive a visa in as little as a few hours with the super urgent service! The fastest choice right now is this one. Your e-visa for Vietnam ought to arrive in under 24 hours. It won't take very long to get a visa with this super urgent service.

More and more payment methods are able to accept the digital currency transfer method. In this location, you may pay using credit cards, American Express, or PayPal.

Visitors who intend to visit Vietnam and remain there are advised to get travel insurance. Getting health travel insurance for Vietnam might provide you with a lot of benefits when you are traveling outside of your own country. You are furthermore covered after an emergency visit for diagnostic and follow-up care in addition to other types of medical care.

The Embassy of Vietnam in Greece:

It's likely that the Government of the Principality of Greece will get personal information about you if you register with the Vietnamese Embassy in Greece . All nationalities are warmly welcomed at the Vietnamese Embassy in Greece, including transient Greek citizens and tourists from other nations.