Vietnam Visa Requirements For Mali: New Updates

International travelers fond of Vietnam's culture and cuisine will be delighted with the latest update: starting August 15th, 2023, Vietnam has rolled out new policies. E-visas are now open to citizens from all countries and territories, allowing a 90-day stay with multiple entries. Additionally, citizens from 13 countries benefiting from unilateral visa exemptions can extend their stay in Vietnam for up to 45 days.

Malian travelers must obtain a Vietnam visa for entry into this nation. Malian passport holders can swiftly apply for a Vietnam eVisa via our secure system. If you're curious about what the Vietnam eVisa entails, its visa requirements, and the application process, this article provides clear guidance. Take advantage of this valuable resource!

Vietnam eVisa For Malians

Vietnam eVisa For Malians

Do Malian citizens need a visa for Vietnam?

Yes. Mali isn't among the countries exempt from Vietnam visas, so a Vietnam visa is necessary. You can easily obtain a Vietnam visa in two recommended ways:

How long can Malians stay in Vietnam with an eVisa?

The Vietnam eVisa, an electronic travel authorization, allows travelers from Mali to stay within the permitted duration in Vietnam.

A Vietnam eVisa is valid for up to 90 days as a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. Malian visa holders can stay between the granted entry and exit dates. Entry into Vietnam before the permitted entry date is not allowed. Also, Malians must leave the country by the exit date specified on their visa.

For instance, if your visa is valid from January 1, 2024, to March 30, 2024, you can enter Vietnam on any day within these dates and must depart by March 30, 2024, unless your visa is extended.

Review the Vietnam visa requirements for Mali

Here are the requirements for obtaining an eVisa for Vietnam:

  • A valid passport with at least six months' validity from the intended entry date. There should be no less than 02 unused pages for stamping at the Immigration border.
  • A digital passport photo of the applicant. This photo must show the applicant’s face clearly.
  • A valid email address for communication and eVisa delivery.
  • Payment of the eVisa processing fees.
  • Details of intended travel dates and accommodation in Vietnam.
  • An online payment method for the visa fee

How to Obtain the Vietnam Visa Application Form

Once you've gathered all the necessary documents for a Vietnam visa application for Malians, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the visa application form by selecting the entry checkpoint, travel dates, full name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, dates of arrival and departure, and passport number.

Step 2: Review all the details provided in the application form before proceeding to the next step. After that, you will be required to make the visa payment. Please note that Vietnam Immigration Services may ask you to send us your passport photo and portrait photo via email to complete the entire application process.

Step 3: After completing all the steps, your visa will undergo processing and approval. Please print two hard copies of your visa approval to obtain a visa stamp at the international airport.

Vietnam visa requirements for Mali

Vietnam visa requirements for Mali

Cost of Vietnam Visa Application from Mali

There are two types of visa fees to pay: the government fee and the service fee. Both are mandatory and required before processing your application.

Regarding service, we offer three processing timings for your visa application, each incurring a different fee:

  • Normal: For travelers aiming to receive an e-Visa within three business days. This is the most low-cost service available for travelers.
  • Urgent: For travelers requiring an e-Visa within two business days. Please note that a small extra fee is charged for this service.
  • Super Urgent: For travelers seeking an e-Visa within one business day. This service is suitable for travelers who are in rush cases.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, and bank transfers. We advise thoroughly researching payment guidelines to avoid errors in the payment process.

The cost of Vietnam visa application from Mali

The cost of Vietnam visa application from Mali

Helpful Guidelines for Malians Applying for a Smooth Vietnam Visa Process

  • Once you've gathered all the necessary documents, we encourage you to apply for a Vietnam visa well in advance, preferably at least a week before your planned travel date.
  • The Vietnam eVisa is valid at Vietnamese seaports, land ports, and international airports. We highly recommend the Airport Fast Track Service to reduce waiting times at the airport.
  • Carefully plan your travel itinerary before applying for a Vietnam visa and paying the visa fees. Any changes after government payment will be treated as a new visa application and will incur additional charges.
  • After approval, your national passport is electronically linked with your eVisa. It's crucial to keep them safe. In case of passport loss or theft, a new visa application will be necessary.
  • While travel insurance isn't mandatory, we strongly advise purchasing it for your trip.

In summary, the Vietnam eVisa offers Malians a convenient option for their travels. Don't forget to review Vietnam visa requirements before submitting your application. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.