Check Vietnam visa requirements for Western Samoa citizens

Vietnam is fast developing and has recently seen an increase in appeal as a travel destination. Vietnam offers stunning scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and hospitable natives to tourists. This beautiful nation promises to offer life-changing experiences.

When visiting Vietnam, visitors can now apply for a Vietnam visa online rather than in person. The simple and convenient application process is one of the benefits of the Vietnam e-visa. The entire process, from application to visa, takes place online; travelers can obtain an e-visa using any Internet-connected device. In this article, we will explain the Vietnam e-Visa for Western Samoa citizens, the requirements, how to apply, and the fees.

    Vietnam Visa for Western Samoa citizens

Vietnam Visa for Western Samoa citizens

1. About the Vietnam visa for Western Samoa citizens

What is a Vietnam e-Visa?

A Vietnam e-Visa, also known as a Vietnam visa online, is a type of travel visa that is available online. Vietnam e-Visa is accepted in over 80 countries worldwide.

To be honest, this is a significant step forward in tourism development. You do not need to wait for hours at the Embassy or consulate to apply; instead, you can apply conveniently from home using an Internet-connected device. The procedure is simple, and no paperwork is required. This new visa system also helps to reduce overcrowding at customs and immigration, allowing for better management of foreigners.

Western Samoa is not on the list of countries exempt from Vietnam visa requirements, so a Vietnam visa is required. There are two ways to apply for a Vietnam visa that you can consider:

Check Vietnam visa requirements for Western Samoa citizens

  • This type of visa allows foreigners to enter Vietnam for tourism purposes only once (01). However, Vietnam now issues electronic visas to citizens of 80 countries for a variety of purposes such as tourism, commercial investment, visiting relatives, working, and marrying.
  • The passport holder can stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 30 days with a valid e-Visa.
  • A visa to Vietnam is also only good for one entry. You must apply for a new visa if you want to return to Vietnam.

If your circumstances or demands do not meet Vietnam visa online requirements for Western Samoa, you can apply for a regular visa instead. Because the Vietnam Embassy in Western Samoa has yet to be established, please apply in neighboring countries. Remember to check the location of the Vietnam Embassy before.

What required documents does the applicant have to prepare

  • A Western Samoa government-issued passport that is valid for at least six months after the intended date of entry into Vietnam.
  • There should be at least two blank pages in the passport for verification stamps.
  • A scanned copy of the passport's biographical page (full information, not missing any details, and lines)
  • Each person must submit one personal photograph (in color and in any format). This photograph should show the applicant's entire face dressed formally.

    Vietnam Visa requirements for Western Samoa citizens

Vietnam Visa requirements for Western Samoa citizens

2. Step-by-step on how to apply for a Vietnam visa from Western Samoa

We appreciate your scheduling; please apply as soon as possible, at least seven days before your flight. Prepare enough of the previously mentioned required documents and visit our website to apply. In this section, we will show you how to easily apply for a Vietnam visa online from Western Samoa.

Click "Apply Visa" in the navigation bar and then follow the four simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Fill out the application form completely and truthfully, including your full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and arrival and departure dates. Confirm that the total is sufficient and correct.

Step 2: Pay for your services and submit all necessary documentation.

Step 3: The e-Visa will be processed and approved online. You will be sent an official visa via the email address you provided.

Step 4: Remember to print two copies of your visa to present at the airport. Your passport will be stamped if you have a valid visa.

Do not forget to bring your national passport to check eligibility. Your entry still is rejected if you do not bring a Vietnam visa and the passport even if you have a valid Vietnam visa.

    How to apply for a Vietnam Visa for Western Samoa citizens

How to apply for a Vietnam Visa for Western Samoa citizens

3. Vietnam visa fees for Western Samoa citizens

You must pay two separate visa fees to obtain a Vietnam e-visa: the government charge and the service visa fee.

Due to the fact that Western Samoa is not on the list of countries exempt from the Vietnam e-visa requirements, all Western Samoa applicants must pay the government fee.

A service fee will be assessed based on the processing time you select for your e-visa application. Currently, Western Samoa travelers have three options for visa processing time with Vietnam Immigration Services:

  • Normal: In most cases, you will receive your visa within three business days. It's possible that your visa will be approved sooner than you expected.
  • Urgent: If you choose the urgent option for your service, your electronic visa should be completed within two working days.
  • Super urgent: You might be able to get a visa in as little as a few hours! Right now, this is the option that gives you the most comfort. Your Vietnam e-Visa could be issued in as little as one day.

An e-visa can be obtained in a variety of ways, including with a debit or credit card, American Express, PayPal, or wire transfer (Bank of Cyprus).

To avoid misunderstandings when making payments, learn more about Vietnam visa fees for Western Samoa. It should be noted that any changes made after payment will be treated as a new application.

    Vietnam Visa fees for Western Samoa citizens

Vietnam Visa fees for Western Samoa citizens

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To summarize, we hope you find this information useful. You now have a stronger insight into the Vietnam e-Visa for Western Samoa citizens and can apply more conveniently. This type of visa is a fantastic idea for travelers from all over the world; consider whether your circumstances match visa requirements. Vietnam Immigration Services will always assist you throughout the application process until you receive your stamp at the international airport. Please contact The Vietnam Immigration Services if you have any questions or concerns.