Can I Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival If I Arrive By Ship Or Land?

In contrast to Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos, a visa on arrival in Vietnam can be obtained at the entry border gate. Applicants must only complete. To get a visa stamped at Vietnam International Airport, travelers must first obtain a visa approval letter.

- Vietnam visa on arrival is only valid for air travel. If you are traveling to Vietnam by cruise or land, you must obtain a fully authorized visa before your arrival.

- At the time of entry into Vietnam, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

- Children with their own passports must pay the same fee as adults.

A good trip needs to have good preparation, so we highly recommend you apply for a visa before your departure day. Besides, avoid lining up and waiting at the international airport. Fortunately, Vietnam launches Vietnam electronic visa (e-Visa), the international visitors can apply for this visa instead of a visa on arrival or a traditional visa. Thanks to its convenience, Vietnam e-Visa is so popular. It is a good idea if you check Vietnam visa requirements as a first step of research.

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