Does Vietnam issue an electronic visa for New Zealand citizens?

The answer is YES. Vietnam launches an electronic visa system for New Zealand citizens.

The Vietnam Immigration Department has been offering Vietnam e-Visa (Vietnam electronic visa) or Vietnam visa online (abbreviated as EV) since February 2, 2017. This type of Vietnamese visa is applied for and obtained online.

Vietnam e-Visa has been resumed since March 15, 2022, after a two-year suspension due to Covid-19, and follows the same regulations as before Covid-19.

Vietnam e-Visa applies to 80 countries, citizens of eligible countries can apply for this visa thanks to its convenience. The applicant can apply for a visa remotely in their comfort zone. New Zealand citizens are eligible for Vietnam e-Visa. However, this type of visa has its own requirements. An e-visa for Vietnam is only valid for 30 days with a single entry. The visa holders need to understand and adapt to the requirements before applying for it.


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