How does a Vietnam travel sim benefit international tourists?

A Vietnam travel sim allows international travelers to access the Internet immediately upon arrival in Vietnam. It offers coverage to all areas in Vietnam, yet network speed may be slow in remote areas. It is one of the best-prepaid sim cards in Vietnam that helps visitors save costs while comfortably making domestic phone calls and texting their relatives or friends in the country.

With a 10GB high-speed network and unlimited data, travelers can connect to the Internet everywhere at any time in Vietnam. This Tourist sim also makes it easier for travelers to keep in touch with their loved ones, or handle work while staying in Vietnam.

It is also more convenient to use a mobile phone with a Data Sim while tourists need to use Google Maps to destinations in the city or Google Translate to communicate with local people.

This Data Sim is compatible with all mobile devices and can be topped up with MobiFone cards at grocery stores such as Vinmart, Circle K, Family Mart, Ministop, etc.

Vietnam travel sim is now included in extra services of our visa package, helping travelers save time finding a suitable one for their Vietnam trip. When you apply for an e-visa to Vietnam on our Website, you can add a Tourist Data Sim without any further requests.

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