When can UK citizens apply for a Vietnam visa online?

The processing time for Vietnam electronic visa applications is normally in 03 business days, thus UK citizens should apply for a Vietnam visa at least 07 days before their departure date. The Rush visa service is also available at Vietnam Immigration Services for UK travelers who need their visas in a matter of hours. In order for the visa to be issued in time, UK applicants should carefully check all the information they have entered in the application form. This is especially important because any typos or unmatched information may result in a delay of processing.

Since March 2022, the Government of Vietnam has reintroduced visa waivers for certain countries including the UK. According to this visa policy, citizens of the UK can arrange a short trip to Vietnam for up to 15 days without a visa. On the other hand, UK travelers will be required to get a visa if their stay in Vietnam is longer than 15 days. Until now, the Vietnam electronic visa is one of the most convenient ways to get travel permission to Vietnam. This visa allows its holders to enter several entry ports in Vietnam including international airport, landport, seaport and stay there for up to 30 days.

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