Which countries do not need visas for Vietnam?

Vietnam visa exemption (also known as Vietnam visa waiver or Vietnam visa-free) refers to a situation in which a foreign national is allowed to enter Vietnam and stay for a specified period of time without having to follow any Vietnam visa procedure because the Vietnam government has signed a bilateral/unilateral visa exemption agreement with his/her country.

As of January 2022, Vietnam accepts citizens who come from 25 countries that do not need visas for Vietnam. However, citizenship determines the length of stay, which ranges from 15 to 90 days. A visa is also required if your stay in Vietnam exceeds the maximum allowed time

Other countries that are not visa-free in Vietnam must obtain a visa in order to enter legally, including Hong Kong. There are two options for obtaining a visa to Vietnam:

  • Apply to the Vietnam Embassy in Hong Kong directly.
  • Apply for a Vietnam visa online via a travel agency.

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