New Vietnam travel restrictions with the widespread Covid-19: Vaccine passport

As several nations throughout the world, including Vietnam, start to open their borders to visitors and reduce travel restrictions. The most crucial event for the tourism sector in 2022 will be the full lifting of Vietnam travel restrictions brought on by Covid-19 after a two-year blockade.

The Government's limited entrance for foreign visitors under tour packages, the first time since Vietnam closed its borders in October, gave the tourism sector some cause for optimism before the end of last year in March 2020. This prompts imaginative new policies to restrict tourism in Vietnam. The vaccine passport is the most remarkable change in the new policies.

Vietnam Vaccine passport

Vietnam Vaccine passport

1. What is a Vietnam vaccine passport?

The COVID-19 epidemic shows no signs of abating, and many governments worldwide have made significant attempts to increase the economy in general, and tourism in particular. The Vietnam Government has granted one of the best solutions to limit this issue, which is called Vietnam Vaccine Passport.

The vaccine passport is a document (perhaps digital) that indicates a passenger has been vaccinated against Covid-19. It is also known as a "vaccine card," a "green card," a "vaccination card," or an "evidence of vaccination" in some nations. The purpose of the vaccine passport Vietnam is to enable people to resume activities that are currently prohibited because of the Covid 19 epidemic and would bring them in close vicinity to a diverse group of individuals.

Due to COVID-19, a Covid vaccine passport is a requirement for arrival into any country. As a result, it is commonly referred to as the "vaccine visa."

2. Is it safe to fly to Vietnam after getting a Vietnam vaccine passport?

Despite having just witnessed the problematic growth of the third Covid-19 wave in Vietnam, the country is still doing a fantastic job of keeping the situation under control. In comparison to countries in the region in particular and to countries worldwide generally, the number of verified Covid 19 cases is still remarkably low. Unquestionably, traveling in Vietnam is safe.

A Vietnamese vaccine passport is recommended for foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam. Its principal benefit is that it allows you to travel to certain areas or nations without being subjected to Covid testing or quarantine upon arrival.

Traveling Vietnam with a Vietnam vaccine passport is safe

Traveling Vietnam with a Vietnam vaccine passport is safe

3. How do Vietnam travel restrictions change?

After a protracted quarantine, Vietnam enters a new normal era. After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Vietnam has officially reopened the e-visa system to visitors. As a result, visitors entering Vietnam are not required to be separated or to present a document stating that they have received adequate COVID-19 vaccination doses. Therefore, visitors - vaccinated or not - only need to rigorously adhere to the travel requirements in order to easily explore this lovely S-shaped nation.

The last two years have seen significant changes in Vietnam travel restrictions. Similar to many other nations in the region, Vietnam opened its doors to tourists on March 15. At the same time, it reinstated its policy of visa-free entry and exit. Medical certifications from travelers upon entry in April and Covid-19 testing prior to entry since May are no longer required. However, the issue of health protection and prevention of COVID-19 must still be ensured when entering and leaving Vietnam.

On the morning of December 21, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism requested to the government that the stay for international visitors be extended to 30 days and that pilot visas be issued at the border. It is suggested that e-visas be used for all tourist markets, the issuance process be made more straightforward, and technology be applied more effectively in order to boost international travel to Vietnam. Additionally, it is recommended to extend the allowed stay in Vietnam for foreign visitors from 15 to 30 days, to improve entrance requirements.

Vietnam travel restrictions changes

Vietnam travel restrictions changes

NOTE: Visitors arriving in Vietnam are not required to undergo quarantine. Call Vietnam's health hotline at 19009095 if any foreign visitors may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or who are concerned they may have been exposed to COVID-19 while in Vietnam (Press 1 for English).

Prior to entering, visitors must, however, submit a medical statement using the PC-COVID app. You should also plan to get Travel Insurance that includes COVID-19 treatment to lower your risk.

At Vietnam Immigration Services, we make every attempt to assist you with your visa application so that you may get ready for your trip to Vietnam. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning the most relevant Vietnam travel restrictions.

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