Do I need a visa for Vietnam 2023 from Hong Kong?

Yes. In 2023, residents of Hong Kong who wish to visit Vietnam must apply for a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong well in advance. This is because Hong Kong is not on the Vietnam visa exemption list.

Hong Kong holders can apply for a Vietnam visa in 02 ways:

  • Apply to the Vietnam Embassy.
  • Apply for a Vietnam e-Visa for short trips for leisure, sightseeing reasons

If you choose to apply for a regular visa, you have to go to the embassy in Hong Kong. However, with a Vietnam e-Visa, you do not need to visit the Embassy and just stay at home to apply. You have to make sure to adapt to visa requirements:

  • Hong Kong passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of arrival.
  • There are two blank pages in the passport for visa stamps.

If you plan to make a travel trip to Vietnam, Vietnam e-Visa is a wonderful choice. Its convenience will help visa holders save time and effort. Apply now.

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