Vietnamese Citizens To Enjoy Visa-Free Entry To Chile

From 11 August 2017, Vietnamese passport holders traveling to Chile will be exempted from the visa requirement, and Chileans coming to Viet Nam will enjoy the same story.

Vietnamese citizens to enjoy visa-free entry to Chile

The new regulation follows the visa waiver agreement signed by the two Governments on 17 October 2016.

Accordingly, citizens of the two countries carrying ordinary passports with at least six-month validity will be waived from visa requirements upon entry through international border gates. Their stay must not exceed 90 days from the date of entry.

In case of staying more than 90 days, travelers must ask permission from authorities.

The regulation is not applicable for entry with the purpose of conducting income-bearing activities.

Viet Nam now waives visas for travelers from 23 countries and territories. From this 1 February, the Government started piloting e-visas for citizens of 40 countries and territories in Asia, Europe, and America.

With e-visas, foreign citizens can enter Viet Nam through 8 airports, 13 road border gates, and 7 seaports. (Source:

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